Girly You: Three Performance Methods of Bullies

“Girly You”: Three Performance Methods of “Bullies”
Liu Ran (as Luo Ting), Zhou Ye (as Wei Lai), Zhang Xinyi (as Xu Miao). For more details, please see the “You’re You” starring Zeng Guoxiang, directed by Zeng Guoxiang, Zhou Dongyu, Yi Xiqianxi, etc.The box office has broken through 1.2 billion, making it the most watched movie in recent times, and the campus bullying involved in the film has also become a hot topic in the society.Among them, three “bullying girls”: Wei Lai hid the knife in his smile, Luo Ting’s punk arrogance, Xu Miao’s struggle and weakness also left a deep impression on the audience.In fact, during the initial audition, the three people all tried the role of Wei Lai, and then the director assigned three roles of different personalities according to their performances.In the sauna, Yewang exclusively interviewed Zhou Ye who played Wei Lai, Liu Ran who played Luo Ting, and Zhang Xinyi who played Xu Miao, listening to the interpretation of the three young post-90s actors who played “bullying girls”.  Nobody dares to contribute Liu Ran (as Luo Ting) Date of birth: September 9, 1995 School: Department of Literature, Beijing Film Academy Liu Ran graduated from the Literature Department of Beijing Film Academy and is a screenwriter.The Shining Star has been aired this year.”Youth of the Youth” is its first actor work.Liu Ran said that at present the main strength is still in the work of screenwriters, “I am not particularly eager for success as an actor. I do n’t think I want to be a good actor in the early 20s. I believe that in 20 years, China will be like the United States.There are many mature female characters in the UK (come to me).”She still participates in the process of familiarizing with the whole industry most of the time now, her dream is to make her own independent film.  During the trial of punk styling, Luo Ting played by Liu Ran was not so punk. The stylist first tied her hair and found that the effect was not good. She decided to shave her hair on the spot. Liu Ran didn’t even think about it.The stylist pushed all the hair from the back of the head to the ears and shaved it into an inch.  There is a scene in a human drama where Luo Ting, played by Liu Ran, kicked Zhou Dongyu down. The on-site martial arts instructor taught her to shed some strength, kick back, and do n’t kick, but she still dared not use her full strength.Director Zeng Guoxiang asked Liu Ran to practice with him, and after kicking seven or eight times, he was always dissatisfied, and his speed and strength were still not enough.When the shooting officially started, Liu Ran was always a bit soft in the end.The director said that if you don’t want Zhou Dongyu to fall over and over again, it would be better to pass it on.Finally, Liu Ran’s heart crossed, kicked hard, and passed.  During the shooting of the chase scene, Liu Ran was losing weight.In the film, there was a stair chase between Liu Ran and three others with Zhou Dongyu. Liu Ran recalled that the building had about eight or nine floors, and many places had been rusted. “I was a little scared in my heart.” How many times did I finally run, Liu RanI do n’t remember.  Bullying drama suppresses and suppresses Zhou Ye (Weilai) Birthday: May 20, 1998 School: Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy Zhou Ye is currently in his senior year at the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy.Second summer vacation.Prior to this, only one literary film.Because the role of “Wei Lai” in “You Young” is too “bad”, she will also be a little worried that they will receive similar roles in the future.Zhou Ye has been busy filming in the field recently. She was interviewed by Sauna and Yewang during the shooting gap.  Wei Lai, also played by Smile Play Week, always makes a chilling “bully” with a smile.Zhou also said that this way of acting, she thought about it at first, and then after talking with the director, she finally determined the status of the character. “Her smile is a protective umbrella of her own. The appearance of a person is not absolutely linked to the inner world., Often very contrasty. “  In the bullying drama, Wei Lai has a lot of bullying scenes, “I really don’t want to shoot anymore, and I’m particularly uncomfortable.” Especially the bullying scene in the alley, “I was very depressed at the time and didn’t want to say a word.”Zhou Dongyu is Zhou Ye’s sister, and Zhou Ye couldn’t give up. “She told me, it’s okay, you just call, come on, and always encourage me.”  In the rolling stage movie, Wei Lai was finally pushed down the stairs by Chen Nian and died. This night scene was filmed near Chongqing Hongya Cave.In order to achieve the most realistic effect, Zhou also started to practice the action of rolling down the stairs from two o’clock in the afternoon, “This is the first time I hanged Waia. When Waia was loose, the whole person began to roll back and down the stairs.It ‘s very long, with cushions on the front and no cushions on the back, and finally hit the head on the stone steps. ”Zhou also recalled that the whole person was dizzy at the time, because it was a real bump. At first, he hit the stone steps with his head and neck. Later, when he found a way, he landed on the buttocks and waist, but the waist would be particularly painful.  Shaving eyebrows cut off Zhang Xinyi (played by Xu Miao) Date of birth: May 29, 1998 School: The director of the Central Academy of Drama, Zhang Xinyi was first known by the audience. He appeared in the film “Jinling Thirteen Hairpins” directed by Zhang Yimou in 2010.The film plays the female student Meng Shujuan.Although the starting point is very high, Zhang Xinyi hasn’t received much drama in the 9 years since then. There are only a few works such as “Forty-nine Days Festival” and “Young Master”, “I don’t want to delay learning, I prefer to stay in school”Zhang Xinyi is currently a sophomore in the director’s department of the Central Academy of Drama. She still prefers acting and will still be an actor in the future. If you have a chance, she would like to try to work behind the scenes such as directing.  Xu Miao, played by Zhang Shaoyi, a shave drama, is both a bully and a bullied person.Her first scene in the film was played at Wei Lai’s house, and Wei Lai shaved half of her eyebrows.From this moment on, she began to fear Wei Lai’s behavior.The eyebrows were really shaved during the shooting, but unfortunately, the scene was cut off in the film.  Zhang Xinyi said that apart from the eyebrow shaving, the most impressive thing was that Chen Nian was pushed down the stairs by Wei Lai. After that scene, everyone exacerbated the change.Zhang Xinyi believes that every character in the film is quite full, and there is no absolute villain. “In fact, the essence of the character cannot be simply explained with bad or not bad.”  There was a scene of Zhang Xinyi in the interrogation room. After hearing the news that Wei Lai was dead, she had a short smile, which was sad, cruel, and even a little weird.Zhang Xinyi said that Xu Miao was actually a particularly passive character. This detail was decided after Zhang Xinyi discussed with the director. “This laugh is a subconscious relief.”  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Teng Chao