“OK!Then it’s all up to you。You go talk to them,I want to be alone”Xia Jian wants to distract Zhao Chunling,The purpose is to have a few words with Xu Liang,He found that this person knew no less than Li Fengzhu knew。

Zhao Chunling didn’t expect Xia Jian to drive her away,She glared at Xia Jian,Reluctantly opened the door and left,When closing the door, I deliberately slammed the door leaf。
Xia Jian understands Zhao Chunling’s mind,But this time,He doesn’t have the heart to speak with her。
There was another booming sound under the bed,Xia Jian quickly got under the bed and touched the small hole with his hand,I found a small paper punch inside,He took it out and opened it。
“Lock once,Sleep at ease,Waiting for class tomorrow,Take a break,You quickly escape from the side door,remember,It’s best not to go to the east end of the village,You should go south,Where is all farmland,Even catch up,You drill into the ground,They are not easy to catch you”
First1633chapter Turned out to be bugged
Xia Jiancheng wrote at the end of this note:“Why don’t you go with us tomorrow”
It didn’t take long for the note to be stuffed,Then another paper roll was stuffed in。It says“No way,The evidence I have is not enough to let these people in,I will continue to stay here。remember,You must be able to escape tomorrow when you have a break during class,Do not move at other times”
Xia Jian got out from under the bed,He suddenly felt that Xu Liang was a little strange。Although he has a press card in his hand,Besides, there are eyebrows and eyes,But how did he know that Xia Jian had broken the lock??
A person who stays in the room and can’t get out,Does he have clairvoyance?Xia Jian’s heart can’t help but twitch,He suddenly felt that Xu Liang seemed to have a problem。
Suddenly broke into his room,And know everything about them。What kind of person is this?Xia Jian’s brows became lumps。The more he thinks, the more scared,Xu Liang seems to have a big problem。
Xia Jian carefully explained what Xu Liang said,I sorted it out carefully from beginning to end,He found a lot of doubts in it。Although he said a lot,The more so,The more it shows that he is carefully prepared。
He actually wrote on the last note that they must escape during class tomorrow,Do not move at other times。There are also two words that Liu Xiaocheng said to him inexplicably during dinner.,This made Xia Jian a lot of questions。
He feels,Liu Xiaocheng seems to know about their escape tomorrow,Did what he said tonight beating him in secret,I mean let him be honest。
If Liu Xiaocheng really knew about this,The informant should only be Li Fengzhu,Next is this Xu Liang。Xia Jian excluded Li Fengzhu and Xu Liang,He thinks Xu Liang has the biggest problem,Can’t make it,He was deliberately arranged,The man who led him to the ditch。