Although the pig farm finally reputable,But now I have a good relationship with Li.,Maybe there will be better opportunities。

Li Hui also said that drinking that night with Liu Dafu, I said, I have said something.。
Tao Wanli listened to it and also agreed,After all, save time and effort,He is also no reason to refuse,And this is still Li Hui’s opening。
Li Hui found Yang Li,Yang Li is checking the quality problems of workers。
Seeing Li Hui’s arrival,Yang Li is also happy to laugh.。
“Lee Boss,You also check quality?”
“Hey-hey,Have Yang Da Ge in this examination,I am relieved,I am coming to ask you to learn the driver’s license.?
The last time I made Jiang Xiaomei opened the car, but I was specially letting you open.,But I heard that she told me that you didn’t have a driving certificate.,So come over and ask。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Yang Li is also an embarrassment of scratching:“I am not too time.,But that car is not idle.,I found someone who has a driver’s license.,That car is used to give the workers to point water,vegetable,Taken in the afternoon,not bad,Critical time,Can also give construction materials。”
“Ok,Yang Bigong has its own arrangements。”
“Hey-hey,Lee Boss,Smiling and saying that you call it.,Let me ask how to sin you.”
Chapter 668 Di Xiaorou
I heard this,Li Hui Fengyi,Because I didn’t pick up Yang Xiao Xiao, I didn’t receive the phone.。
And each other will call him,How can he not pick up?,The other party abroad is all of him.。
“Forehead,Yang Da Ge,This may have misunderstandings,Waiting for the evening, I called the past and ask。”
Yang Tie heard this,Also rest assured a lot。
He also feels that the hoe in the family is really like Li with the wind.。
Otherwise, there will be no three sentences when you call.。
After leaving the wind from Yang Tie,It is back to the village.。
In the village,He saw a girl with sunglasses,There is also a sunshade cap and walks in the village.。
Walking route,Actually or in the direction of the mountain,No meaning in the village。
Take a look at each other’s handheld rod,On the other side of the appearance,How much is Li Anti-style understand what is going on?。
Di Xiaojiro is a small anchor of shark platform,One platform with leaves,She is also an outdoor anchor,However, the popularity of every day is tens of thousands,There is no color。
To say talented,She also has a lot,But she doesn’t like to dance people to dance in the live broadcast to attract the audience.。
She is more likely to enter nature.,Lead the audience to enjoy the beauty of nature,Appreciate special snacks in all places。
Yesterday day,She has no live broadcast,Because it is looking at the boucery live broadcast.。
First, the picturesque beauty of Lotus Village,Once again, it is the humanized expression of the small fox.,And the love of Daolong with rhubarb to small foxes,Let her light in front of her eyes。
Especially the moment that Li speaks from the wind.,She ordered the ticket without hesitation.,Decided to launch a wave of heat。
Of course, she still wants to see if Li Hui Feng is as cute with the Internet.,Too much treasure。
When walking toward the lotus village,She has changed the title of the live broadcast.“Story with God’s brother”。
Such eye-catching title,Sure enough, I have attracted many viewers.。
Just seeing her live broadcast when the audience comes in.,I have no goddess in the octave.,They all spit again and then。
“Beauty,That way is to go to the mountain,Advise you to do it, don’t go,One is too dangerous。”
After yesterday,Li Hui Feng is not too excluded when the anchor is no longer。
Di Xiaofei heard that the voice of some concern was also a glimpse.。
When she turned back, she saw Li Hui Feng.,A beautiful face is immediately blooming a happy smile,Especially the lovely little tiger teeth add a bit of a bit of explosion.。
“God doctor brother?”
Although I have seen Li with the wind many times,But when you really see the real person,She is still the first time。