The Man Who Was Captured by the Light: Neither hard core nor art, so breathless

“The Man Who Was Captured by the Light”: Neither hard core nor art, so breathless
Today ‘s “The Man Who Was Taken by the Light” performed at the box office on the first day. At 17:30 pm on the day of the end, the box office was less than 17 million, but it will be a movie that will cause heated debate, but it ‘s about its typeDiscussion, inclusion is the presentation of its emotional concepts.If you only look at the story introduction and trailer, it is easy to think of it as a science fiction movie, but in fact the whole film only uses a surreal core to promote the plot, and it has nothing to do with the word “phantom”.The stills of “The Man Who Was Captured by Light” fall on people’s emotions.On the scale of film narrative, some films often use such narrative methods.At the same time, it is not the entire “Second World” setting, which creates a new world view based on real world reflections, such as the “Star Wars” series, “Harry Potter” series, and “The Lord of the Rings” series, which only create a coreTo promote the plot, all the subsequent stories are based on the influence of this plot, but this plot does not always penetrate into the subsequent plot.There are already many such films in Chinese movies, especially in the comedy of rebirth, such as “Charlotte’s Troubles” and “Shy Iron Fist”. The protagonist is given a chance to be reborn by accident.There is also “Cohabitation in Macros” with more clear sci-fi elements, including a large number of film and television dramas that cross and reverse.This type of story does not focus on the causes and consequences of the core plot, but is entangled in scientific authenticity.In Hollywood, there are more movies in this form.This kind of film that does not seem to belong to the traditional type of film actually proves that the overall industrial level of commercial film is highly developed.However, the Chinese film industry has not reached such a high level. The success of similar films is still based on comedy or other types, so that the audience can ignore its “magic” setting.Therefore, the audience may feel dissatisfied with the sci-fi plot of “The Man Who Was Captured by the Light”, or even think it is a mystery.Stills of Cohabitation with Macros.In the end, the competition of commercial movies is not about how much money to make amazing special effects, but about the concept.After all, the film has gone for more than a hundred years. There is nothing new in the sun. The frontier of technology is like “The Twins”. The story told is still realized by others.The focus is on how to create a detached core concept, and use this concept to explain the author’s thinking.”Light” in “The Man Who Was Captured by Light” is a concept, and it does not have a practical answer in the movie.If it is a hard science fiction work, then there must be a type of formula plot.First, this “light” appeared, and some people were taken away, and then scientists constantly searched for the source of “light”, explained “light”, and cracked this “light”, and finally recovered the people who took away “light”.This is the most common way of coding commercial films. The appearance of “light” is to create fear, and finally the fear is resolved, and the story ends.At the same time, this fear must have a practical meaning.It’s quite the same in the movie. Public opinion believes that people taken away by “light” are people in love.But such an explanation is actually not suitable for the setting of hard science fiction. The emotional nihilism is often only suitable as the ultimate weapon, calling the hero to complete the last blow of desperate life, not the cause of fear.Huang Bo and Tan Zhuo play a couple in the film.The book is upside down, so the film has a different narrative texture, which is also a kind of anti-commercial type setting.The discussion of the emotions of modern people is the main theme of the film. The core promotion of “light” is just to push the survivors into a desperate situation, forcing them to think about the state of love in front of them.Entering into the specific plot, such as the middle-aged couple played by Huang Bo and Tan Zhuo, the divorced woman played by Wang Luodan and the third child played by Huang Lu, such characters are not typical, strange to the bottom of the creation, but cautious and trueAnd life flow.Because they are not a typical environment, a typical person, but to represent some types of public instead.Solve, the more sparse and ordinary their daily behavior, the more they can explain the love of life that the creator wants to convey.But for the screen, such a story lacks the thrill of the audience eager to see under this setting.The author believes that the setting of the loved ones in this film being captured can be compared with the “Lobster” which was awarded to the Cannes Film Festival Evaluation Group by Orgus Lansmos in 2015.”Lobster” also has a near-future science fiction setting, and people without lovers will become an animal.”Lobster” poster in Hong Kong, China.But it’s not just the more pure art film “Lobster”. This film obviously has an awkward duality. It wants to discuss serious human nature, but it lacks a certain artistic height, lacks the author’s style, and the image language is commercial.Therefore, the discussion of this movie will inevitably be polarized.The humanity and love issues raised in the film are worth thinking about, but I didn’t find the most suitable way of expression, which made people feel slightly breathless.□ Ear (film critic) editor of sauna night net Wu Longzhen proofread Li Ming