At this time, the sales manager can’t wait to throw a few big mouths,Mr. Lu Xun taught himself not to“Respect Luo Yi first and then others”,Why did I make such a mistake?!

If that Tiguan is sold to him,I can earn at least a few thousand commissions,It’s all one month’s salary!
Chen Xiu drove the car and answered Linjiangju’s residence,After ordering a takeaway, he took out the notebook Zhang gave him and read it carefully。
In addition to some antique appraisals on Zhang Lao’s notebook、The method of repairing technology,There are also some interesting things about his acquisition of antiques over the years。
Chen Xiu is watching with relish,The passage of time is completely forgotten。
Know the belly“Guru”Cried,Chen Xiu looked up and saw that it was already ten o’clock in the evening,The takeaway I ordered was not eaten yet,Already cool。
And when Chen Xiu concentrated on learning the knowledge Zhang Lao gave him,Sun San, who is still living in the Department of Surgery at the People’s Hospital, also dialed his elder brother Apan’s cell phone。
“Big brother,Chen Xiu hasn’t found it yet!”
There was silence on the phone。
The cold sweat on Sun San’s forehead burst out,He knows Apan’s character best,The more silent he is, the more angry he is,If you weren’t through your phone, you would have been beaten up!
“Keep looking!”
After a long time,After a short breath,Apan’s voice finally came from the phone。