12 important nodes in 542 days, Sun Yang anti-detection case review

12 important nodes in 542 days, “Sun Yang anti-detection case” review
Sun Yang’s sports career was marked with a question mark.Photo / Osports Beijing News This afternoon, Beijing time, the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal (CAS) announced the arbitration results of the World Anti-Doping Agency v. Sun Yang and the FINA: Sun Yang was suspended for 8 years.It has been 542 days since the “anti-detection storm” occurred on September 4, 2018. Let us review the important time points of the case.At 10 o’clock on the evening of September 4, 2018: Three staff members of the International Doping Control Management Company (IDTM) came to Sun Yang’s home in Hangzhou to conduct an out-of-match inspection.Since the inspectors could not provide legal doping inspector’s certificates and nurse practice certificates, Sun Yang believed that this inspection was illegal and invalid.Since then, foreign media reported that Sun Yang failed to complete the test with a “violent anti-test” method.>>> Animation restores Sun Yang’s “anti-testing” overnight event on November 19, 2018: After IDTM submitted the relevant report to the FINA, the FINA held a 13-hour event in Lausanne, Switzerland on this dayAt the hearing, Sun Yang’s attorney Zhang Qihuai attended the hearing.Sun Yang himself and witnesses from both parties accepted the inquiry.Event on January 3, 2019: The FINA made a ruling based on the results of the hearing, which clearly stated: “The doping test performed by IDTM on September 4, 2018 is invalid.Mr. Sun Yang did not violate FINA anti-doping rules No. 2.3 or 2.5 regulations.”March 12, 2019 event: Due to dissatisfaction with the FINA’s ruling, the World Anti-Doping Agency filed an appeal with the International Sports Arbitration Court.It is reported that the International Sports Arbitration Court decided to hold a hearing in September 2019.Event on July 14, 2019: Australian media “Daily Telegraph” published a complete report on the conflict between Sun Yang and doping testers. This report is 59 pages long.At the same time, Sun Yang just arrived in Gwangju, South Korea to prepare for the swimming world championships.The FINA expressed shock at this and thought, “How can such confidential information be made public?”This is very harmful. “Event on July 19, 2019: Attorney Sun Yang issued a statement in response to the attitude of foreign media, requesting the International Sports Arbitration Tribunal to be open to the public at the hearing, in order to be open and transparent and prove their innocence.He also stated: “Sun Yang opposes the trial by the Australian media and incites third parties to produce negative and defamatory reactions on the Internet.”July 21st and 23rd, 2019: Sun Yang won the men ‘s 400m freestyle and 200m freestyle gold medals in the Gwangju Swimming World Championships in these two days, but in the post-match award ceremony, Australian star Houghton and British playersScott refused to receive the award with him.Since then, the FINA has issued warnings to Sun Yang, Scott, Houghton and the Australian Swimming Association.Event on August 20, 2019: The International Sports Arbitration Tribunal issued an announcement on the official website announcing that the hearing on World Anti-Doping Agency v. Sun Yang and the FINA was scheduled to be held in September.The announcement revealed that due to unforeseen personal reasons, one of the parties requested that the hearing be postponed.Event on October 13, 2019: Sun Yang ‘s “Violent Resistance” hearing was confirmed to be held on November 15, 2019. The International Sports Arbitration Tribunal agreed to Sun Yang ‘s request for a public hearing.The second public hearing in history.Event on November 15, 2019: The hearing was held in Montreux, Switzerland for more than 10 hours.Sun Yang spoke first after the court session. After that, witnesses from all parties provided testimony and accepted questions from the lawyers and arbitration panel judges.However, none of the three testers involved in the case appeared in court.The International Sports Arbitration Tribunal did not pronounce the sentence in court.Event on December 10, 2019: The International Sports Arbitration Tribunal issued an announcement stating that the final decision will not be made before mid-January 2020 due to the fact that translation is not allowed and the parties need to provide confessions.CAS official website collapsed.Event on February 28, 2020: The International Sports Arbitration Tribunal ruled on the hearing that Sun Yang was suspended for eight years, effective immediately.It is worth mentioning that the result of this ruling is not final and Sun Yang can appeal to the Swiss Supreme Court.Sauna, Yewang Editor Zhou Xiao Wang Chunqiu Proofreading Zhao Lin