Xia Jian heard these voices,I just shook my head helplessly。

Zhang Er who is playing chess with someone,I saw Xia Jian from afar,And shouted out loud:“President Xia!It’s almost the new year,This bonus issue won’t be ruined again, right?!My family is still counting on the money for the New Year!“
“Do not worry!Unavoidable everyone“Xia Jian left such a sentence,Stepped into the office of the village committee。This Zhang Er,Just a slacker in the village,Few into the greenhouse,Because I can’t bear the pain,I don’t go there for half of the time,This makes Zhao Hong very angry,Finally, he was completely removed。
Listen to Chen Erniu,There are so many people like this in the village,Afraid of hardship,Want to live a comfortable life again,How can there be such a beautiful thing in the world,Xia Jian thought,Can’t help but shook his head。
“President Xia,How is the money raised?The day when we share dividends,Only three days“Song Fang suddenly got out from under the table,She is holding several books about raising chickens。
Bothersome,Plus money,Xia Jian was very upset,When I saw Song Fang at this time,Not yet worrying,He said a little unhappy:“What are you doing under the table?Won’t go to the greenhouse to help”
“Damn!This bastard,Sent me a ring,I didn’t expect to buy a big one,Isn’t this going under the table??“Song Fang said,Shook his left hand,Seems to show off his wealth to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian asked without lifting his head:“Wang Junli won’t come back?“
“New Year’s overtime is high,Wait until the Chinese New Year is over,I’m just a woman,Stay alone,This day is a bit difficult!“Song Fang deliberately made her voice beautiful,Xia Jian has goose bumps all over her body。
Xia Jian’s thoughts,I’m in the mood to mess with a woman like Song Fang,Song Fang has nothing to say,I don’t feel much fun slowly,Just said she was going to the greenhouse,And left with a few books。
A village committee,Song Fang sees no one behind,Just turned around,Went to my home,This ice and snow,I’m not a fool,What are you doing in the greenhouse。
In the main hall,Song Fang’s mother-in-law is telling a story to two children,Song Fang sees it,And went back to his room,Once to the bed,I turned on the electric blanket,This thing was also mailed to her by her husband Wang Junli。Song Fang took off his shoes,About to go to bed。
Suddenly the door was pushed open,Chen Gui flickered,But squeezed,Song Fang said unhappily:“How did you come?Open the door wider“
Chen Gui is obedient,Opened the door to the maximum,Then I found a chair and sat down,Lowered the voice,Asked with a smile:“how about it,Has the money been raised??“
“strange,Why did you ask me about this?,Xia Jian is at the village committee,You go ask him!“Song Fang’s eyes turned,Said a little unhappy。
Chen Gui laughed and said:“Director Song,Don’t forget,I still have your two thousand yuan IOU,Everyone anyway,Have all worked together,I don’t have to tell others about this“
Song Fang laughed and said:“You are here to find out the news?“