Lin Bin hands holding boxing,Bone:“Talent,Potential,Be a deceptive。Master has set the Beijing as a heir,Not because his future is not limited,But because he is neon,And I am a Chinese man。hateful,If I am also a neon……”
Type half,He found Liao Wenjie facing,Looks and time:“What do you do?,You are not patriotic,I have been waiting for the nine seventh.!”
“I haven’t said anything.。”
“Little can’t stand less,I don’t want to be the country,I have changed the nationality as I have already.。”
“Who knows,It is impossible to find that nationality is not able to turn into a heir.,Sorctivity is not changed。”
“asshole,Don’t give me a sporty water,This is called a long skill,I am coming with my dreams.……”
“Catch,Shi Yi Chang Technology。”
“I know,Just don’t read it wrong.!”
“real or fake,I do not believe。”
Lin Bin is angry,Point at Liao Wenjie:“Stinky boy,Know I don’t know if I have been to you for a long time.,When you see you first,I feel super uncomfortable.。”
“normal,I call this mentality is awkward.。”
Lin Biten the teeth,Mouth of the mouth,Enter the physical link:“Without further ado,Ali is small,Insufficient fighting experience,But does not mean that the level of the broken water is so,Today, come to you.,That is to prove that the karate is the strongest。”
“Don’t say stupidity,There is no strongest in the world.……”
Liao Wenjie lifts his finger,Micro change,Slowly:“Only more stronger!”
“Unlikely,I have to see how strong you have.。”
Lin Bin takes a deep breath,The anger value is in the edge of the outbreak,I saw him tailoring.,Hand holding boxing arm,Explosive bone friction in the body。
And the right foot step,The body is turning forward,As the right foot suddenly stepped,Check the right box。The people are like a bow that pulls to the full moon.,Tiger hilarious right box,It is the arrow of the whole force of the bow.。
Arrow, sharp, torn open air,White airflow,Violent breath,Blow Liao Wenjie behind the big tree。
He does not flash,Waiting for the fune,Patrode a knife,Cut the most violent place in the airflow。
After a crisp,Lin Bin’s eyes suddenly stunned in the same place,Hand pain is not like false,Just mentioned that the heavy punch was taken by Liao Wenjie.。
“what happened,This truth is a conquery?”
Liao Wenjie two steps,Lick,Expression of life:“Hurt,I feel that my bones are cleared.,Another time,I don’t want to punch in the future.。”
Lin Bin’s face,The screen is calm,No longer pursuit,Purify the ground,Hand knife tangent Liao Wenjie neck。
Rage airflow package arm,This strike is strong,But compared to the heavy punches that must kill just now,There have been many rooms between the moving rotation.。
Because the speed is too fast,By static rotation only between the blink,Make Lin Bin’s body to pull long,From the perspective of the bystander,As if he has a special function,When you are in trouble, your hands and feet become long.。
Another crisp,Hand knife is slapped。
Lin Bin’s foot pointed,Stray,Whipphew wrapped in Hurricane,It seems like a handle,Instant white airflow,Duan Liao Wenjie’s shoulder arm position。
Liao Wenjie raises his hand to pick up the whip leg,The hurricane is steady, such as Taishan,Five finger buckle Lin Bin’s ankle,Interrupt him follow-up,Gangdi。