The three drank at once,The atmosphere is very lively。

First1460chapter Jealous to make trouble
As the saying goes,Sometimes there are bad things behind good things。
Yao Chunni fried four dishes,The fifth dish is out。Because there are too few dishes in the mountains,If this is an ordinary person,It’s good to cook two dishes。
Wang Youcai knows his situation here,After Yao Chunni brings the fourth dish,Wang Youcai smiled and said to her:“enough,Stop busy。You also sit over and accompany us for a couple of drinks“
“No way,I get drunk as soon as I drink,Or you guys drink,I’m sitting here making tea for you“Yao Chunni said,Sitting in front of the stove and really boiled pots of tea for these three。
Confidant。Wang Youcai hasn’t drank like this in a long time,Today, he can be regarded as willing,He took out all the four bottles of liquor under the bed。This wine was when the engineering department moved out,The project manager drank the rest for him。
Wu Wu and Tian Baby’s quantity is also good,The three of them drank a match at once。When two bottles of liquor bottomed out,Suddenly the big iron gate was knocked and banged,Feel like knocking。
“Bastard stuff,Don’t want to live anymore!“Wang Youcai was so angry,I picked up a stick behind the door and rushed out。How can Tian Wa and Wu Wu fall behind,The two also chased up from behind。
Walk to the big iron gate,Wang Youcai was a little dumbfounded for a while。Just outside the iron gate,More than a dozen young men stood,The one standing in the front is almost thirty years old。He is a bit sturdy,Took a beard with a long face。And behind him,With a wretched man。
This man Xia Jian recognized it at a glance,He is not someone else,It is Yao Chunni’s husband Chen Suicong。These people wear all kinds of clothes,I just came back from the city。