Frankenstein Chinese version of the stage play will be invoiced, debut in the middle theater in December

“Frankenstein” Chinese version of the stage play will be invoiced, debut in the middle theater in December
By British director Daniel?Adapted and directed by Deman, the stage drama “Frankenstein” led by actors Zhai Tianlin and Wu Haochen will be staged from December 24 to January 1, 2020 in the Beijing Middle Theater.”Frankenstein-Modern Pro?The Story of Hughes is a long story written by British author Mary Shelley in 1818?Say, is it considered the first in the world?Ministry of Science Fiction?Say.This work has been adapted and moved to the big screen and stage many times, but so far there has been no interpretation of the Chinese version of the Grand Theatre.Will the version created this time?Said to restructure in the current context, by British director Daniel?Deman adapted the text and then translated it into Chinese?version.It is reported that the stage work “Frankenstein” produced by the Middle Theatre will be officially invoiced on November 28.?Said the protagonist Frankenstein?Materialist, is he keen to explore?Origin of life.Amidst the grief caused by his mother’s death, he harbored strange thoughts, collected human limbs and animal organs around him, and finally split into an abominable artificial “human”: he was eight feet tall, with dark yellow eyes and yellow translucent skinBarely covering the muscular system and blood vessels on the body.When this monster finally gets?When he hit his eyes, the “father” Victor Frankenstein fled in vain.But the monster asked him for it?Companionship, warmth and friendship, one after anotherIs more?A series of strange suspense and murder.Outstanding decision to create the original intention of the work “Frankenstein”, the middle theater art director, “Frankenstein” producer Manding said that whether in the age of Mary Shelley, or now, scientific exploration breakthroughs are doubleScience itself, the meaning of life is always more difficult to decipher than life itself.”At the first science and technology festival in 2018, the drama” Several “(A number) produced by the middle theater brought the problem of self-identification under cloning technology to everyone; this year’s science and technology festival openedIn the play, we present the work “Dogs are Barking”, using the camera to step deeply into the medium of modern life to explore the people’s identity, self, and emotional worries and confusion that have always existed under the means of communication technology;The deeper question-is technology the root cause of the crisis?This is a topic that has never been explored in the middle theater, and it is also an opportunity for this edition of “Frankenstein” to be put on the stage.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin proofread Liu Jun