The rules of heaven and earth on this planet do not allow us such long-lived creatures to exist。

So a zombie every 100 years,Heaven and earth will come down and clear us。
Anti-thunder,Live a few times naturally。
Can’t resist,Will return to the dust!
Tianlei is the will of this world,Even if it is as strong as the ancestor, it cannot be avoided!”
Now Chen Xiu wants to understand,Surprised:“You mean it’s almost time for Ge Hong to cross the sky?”
“Yes,Just these few days。”
Zhu Huiwei said:“The stronger the zombie,The greater the power of the thunder from the laws of heaven and earth,That’s why the holy ancestor issued the holy order,Let us all four generations of zombies come to Centipede Ridge to protect。Now the five ancestors are already on the top of the mountain,Protected by the ancestors!”
“But what does it have to do with you asking me to go up the mountain?”
Ge Hong wants to survive the thunder,Nothing to do with yourself。
“This will start from another reason。”
Chen Xiu couldn’t help thinking:“How slow these old guys tell stories,You can’t just explain it all at once。”
Zhu Huiwei asked:“I told you,The life span of zombies is not infinite,Just live longer than humans。”
“Correct,You said that the lifespan of the five generations of zombies is only two hundred years old,Then multiply,The life span of a three-generation zombie like you is about a thousand years old,Then the life span of five second-generation ancestors should be about two thousand years old……”
Chen Xiu said that he suddenly realized something was wrong here,The five second-generation ancestors are all contemporaries with Ge Hong,It’s almost 1,700 years since now,In other words, the second-generation ancestors only have a life span of 300 years at most。
Three hundred years is enough for humans to live a lifetime,But compared to the long lifespan of zombies,Obviously it’s the dying year。
Guo Yingdong、Ye Hongfei and the others who have only lived for decades are so afraid of death,Even if you want to become a zombie, you have to extend your life.。
Then, the old monsters who have lived for more than a thousand years, the five ancestors, have a deeper obsession with longevity than Guo Yingdong and others.!
Is this pilgrimage not as simple as helping Ge Hong resist thunder??
Just listen to Zhu Huiwei continue to say:“When I became a zombie for three hundred years,I witnessed a third-generation zombie that has been carried ten times by the thunder,But when he fought the tenth thunder,His life span has come to an end,I witnessed his aging slowly,Finally, unwilling to die……”