Ye Zicheng typed several cases on the computer,The picture sent by the drone has been pulled up several meters,The first mountain ring in front of Centipede Ridge
511 cock
“Is there any way to retrieve the drone??”Chen Xiu asked。
Ye Zicheng thought for a while,I found a black box from the big box that originally contained the drone,The red light above is blinking。
“GP.SThe positioning signal also,You can also retrieve it manually。”
“it is good,I go up the mountain myself,Get the drone back。”
Chen Xiu went over and picked up the hiking bag,Tang Ren hurried over to stop him:“Chen Xiu,Don’t get excited。The red mist is too evil,Long-term!”
Ye Hongfei also came over and pointed at the sky outside the window and said:“It’s already past three in the afternoon,It takes at least an hour or two for you to go up the mountain to find the drone。Now December day,Dark early,
512 devil
A few laps of the local dog are exhausted,Want to stop,The rooster won’t let,The dog is slow,Force on the claws,The pain is so painful that the dog will run wild again。
If Chen Xiu hadn’t seen it with his own eyes,,I definitely don’t believe the situation in front of me。
A rooster rides on the dog’s back and directs the big dog to run,It’s like running a horse on a horse。
“Special,Is this rooster going to be fine?!
Evil,Too evil!
In addition, a hare as big as a dog was photographed by the drone just now,And now this mature rooster。
This Miao Village is too evil!”
Chen Xiu was shocked by the scene in front of him,The dog over there