Go to the distant winter haze universe,To investigate the high-level immortal betrayal of the human race in a medium-sized cosmic civilization。Of course the time limit for this task is very long,Two hundred years。

And before that,Li Ming also plans to go back to the Qianwu universe first,Take a trip back to the earth。
According to the teacher, the Lord of Longxing,He has to stay in the distant winter haze universe during the domain master stage,Even a spacecraft at a hundred times the speed of light sails in the dark universe,It will take twenty years to go back and forth。
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Chapter Four meet
Chapter 4 Welcome
Of course, Li Ming didn’t fear it much。
Many hostile patrol envoys,But on the surface these gods still have to fawn,What’s more, there are not too many gods and powerhouses who dare to attack the inspectors.。
It’s crazy to do this after all。There may be many people involved in these gray and even interests,There are also strong gods behind。
But according to the information Li Ming got from the intelligence department of the Virtual Universe Company,Crazy enough to kill the inspector,In the past ten billion epoch, he was also a king,Five Fenghou。How many military master-level immortal and minority world masters really did。
After all, for Feng Wang and Feng Hou,They have a long life,There is also an immortal body that is not as easy to be killed as a military master。To kill an inspector,Too costly,Too little income。Don’t do it after the special envoy leaves‘business’。
If there is a king-level powerhouse—It might be a complete betrayal of humanity,Even controlled by alien souls。Desire to destroy human genius—But the possibility is very small,As a spy, the importance of the immortal king is no less important than that of a venerable alien.,It’s too wasteful to use the hidden immortality as a killer—-The premise is that Li Ming did not reveal his identity。
But even so,It’s quite common for immortal warlords and world masters to assassinate。At least half of the patrol envoys have been assassinated while in office。
This also makes the patrol envoy have considerable requirements,After all, we have to withstand the assassination,At least you need to have the strength equivalent to the immortal military master level to be sure。
“Four,We will be there soon。。。Facing those human traitors,I also hope that the four of you can contribute。”
“Your Highness Urus,This is our duty。”Lei Jia said with a smile:“But your Highness must also be careful,After all, the water of this winter cosmic country,Very deep。”