Be famous early!At the age of 16, Fatty debuted in the Champions League, Messi as his substitute

Be famous early!At the age of 16, Fatty debuted in the Champions League, Messi as his “substitute”
Fati became the youngest UEFA Champions League starter in Barcelona history.Figure / What kind of achievements can Osports achieve at the age of 16?Barcelona teenager Fati called the answer.In the first round of the UEFA Champions League group match in the early hours of this morning, Barcelona played against Dortmund. At the age of 16 and 321 days, Fati became the youngest player to start the Champions League in Barcelona history.Constantly refreshing the youngest record In the mountains and tsunami of Westphalia, Fati completed his first Champions League debut.In the 59th minute of the game, he was replaced by Messi.At the end of the game, Messi patted the younger dog on purpose.Messi represented Barcelona for the first time in the Champions League when he was 17 years old and 166 days. No matter whether he can become Messi’s successor in the future, Fati has surpassed Messi at least on this record.In the first four rounds of La Liga, Fati made three appearances.From the debut of 12 minutes to the first game to the first game of La Liga, and then to 1 goal and 1 assist against Valencia, Fati step by step, every appearance is a surprise.Accompanied by his amazing performance is that the record is constantly being refreshed.On August 26, Fati became the second youngest player to play in the history of the Barcelona team at the age of 16 and 298 days; on September 1, Fati exceeded Bojan at the age of 16 years and 304 days and became the youngest in the history of the Barcelona teamThe scorer; today, Fati surpassed Bojan and Messi to become the youngest starter in the history of the Champions League.Unfortunately, Fati failed to score in this Champions League game, otherwise he will become the youngest goal scorer in the history of the Champions League.The current record holder is Olympiacos Kwayer, who was 17 years and 195 days old when he scored in the Champions League.Messi replaces and embraces Fati.Figure / Osports soared 49 times a month Fati was born in Guinea-Bissau-one of the least developed countries in the world.Due to difficulties in life, Fati can only roll up his socks as a kick.Until 6 years old, Fati was taken by his father to a small village in Spain, where he had the first real football in his life.Later, Fati was placed in the Seville training camp by his father and officially started his football career.During his time in the Seville echelon, good physical fitness and excellent football talent quickly made Fati get the attention of the giants, including Real Madrid and Barcelona.Although Real Madrid made a higher offer, Fati chose the Lamacia Youth Camp, which provides player dormitories, when Fati was 10 years old.When he first arrived, Fati started the journey of “jumping to kick the ball”.The 10-year-old Fati went to La Masia to play for the Barcelona U12 echelon. In the first season, he played 29 times and scored 56 goals. Last season, the 15-year-old Fati participated in the U19 Youth Champions League; today, the 16-year-oldHe has become a rising star in Barcelona’s first team.A month ago, Fati ‘s personal social media fans were only 100,000.In Barcelona’s 5-2 victory over Valencia, after Fati completed 1 pass and 1 shot, his fans immediately exceeded 1 million.According to the German “Transfer Market” estimate, Fatty’s value has soared from 25 million euros a month ago to 25 million euros, a full 49-fold increase.In order to ensure that it is not digged, Barcelona has set a penalty of up to 100 million euros for Fati.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Wang Xihuang proofreading Li Shihui