“Li Tianzun became Li Wangye,It doesn’t seem to be attractive?”

“Yes,Yes。Li will not value these false names,She has Shenyan……She wants to summon me。”
puff,The teenager almost wanted to laugh,I tried to suppress it for a long time before I didn’t laugh。
One thousand two hundred and thirty chapters Borrow a few drops of blood
Li Tan also knows that these activities are rather dirty,But the pressure on the spiritual level is increasing,There is almost no room to move his soul under pressure,He doesn’t know what it means,But the monster outside the territory suddenly became angry,He never dared to hide anything。
“Ok,So what can Shenkun give you?”
“Still the king,After they raided and killed you,Will hold the seventh son to succeed the throne。”
“Li Wangye’s mess is really good,Wherever he goes, he is at least a prince,By contrast,I seem to be stingy。”
“Lee is sincere and fearful,Neither have the courage,Not that state of mind。”Li Tan clenched his teeth,Sweat all over my body like a fountain,Wet the skirt quickly,“Lee only wants to follow Mr.,Can seek a ray of life for these survivors。”
“Count you smart。”The tone of the teenager is obviously different,It’s the voice of the evil evil,“This is not my idea,But this stupid boy loves to do this and I will let him,But one thing,Don’t waste time,Quickly take away the things in this broken world,Otherwise, only you are asking!”
“Please sir,How to speed up?”
“Use your easiest way。”The voice of the boy is extremely cold,Li Tan suddenly shuddered,He can’t understand the meaning of the strings?
“Li Tianzun,Li Tianzun。Why are you sweating?”